About Us

We’re a New York State hops farm growing “SOMETHING DIFFERENT”. Our objective is to bring new aromatic hop varieties to NYS and combine them with our rich and flavorful soil to make something extra different.

Our farms story starts over a century ago. Our old farm was once used to grow Tobacco in the 1800’s. From our great grand fathers to now our land has been farmed to help sustain a living for our families. We would like to continue this tradition! Our research has revealed to us that the Canisteo River Valley used to be filled with not only tobacco farms but also hop farmers through the turn of the century.

We wanted to be able to bring new things to the state and set ourselves apart from other farms. ¬†The first four varieties we grew where Chinook, Cascade, Rakau and Michigan Copper. Because of its very reddish aroma characteristics that reminded people of Michigan’s northern peninsula copper mines this is now our main producing hop. Michigan Copper is a true NEW american breed.

As of 2016 we now offer other varieties such as Willamette, Newport, Centennial, Nugget and the very aromatic Mackinac.


Quality Control/ Quality Assurance

Quality is our number one objective. Not only do we have some of the best soil in NYS with our rich well draining river loam, we also utilize some of the best practices in the industry.

– We harvest our hops at peak harvest intervals to maximize oil content and flavor. Our concentration is flavor and aroma not maximizing Alpha Acids.

– We dry our hops no higher then 100 deg F. This helps to maximize aroma and storage-ability.

– We Pelletize our hops in house using techniques to minimize heat and control temperatures below 100 deg F.

РWe Package our hops using Mylar  vacuum seal bags and store and temps between 31-34 deg F.